THE INTERNSHIP (2013) movie review

INTERNSHIPVaughn and Wilson reunite to play two dads to a motley family of Googlers.


DF-05960_05970_R copy.JPG

I had a joyous report on this one for the first hour plus. They had me at Quidditch. But, then they released the longest strip club montage to date.

I hate it when writers believe that it takes a sexual revolution to heal the nerd-wound. Third person Lyle cures the puns and gets the girl, lady all-talk prepares to give herself to more than manga, rebel texter chooses to put down both phone and sarcasm, and the abused perfectionist-type gets sauced (…and a few lap dances) and can suddenly conquer his fears.

This is it? We are supposed to believe that getting drunk at a club is the key to success and teamwork?




If you’re desperate to see it, fill the void and rewatch the trailers. They use ALL of the best jokes in the trailers.




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  1. Watching trailer now so I can say I saw it and saved some cash. Thanks!

  2. Excellent point – why does Hollywood think that getting drunk and/or being around women in skimpy clothing the solution to movie problems?

  3. Thanks for the tip Stephanie! I wish writers would use a little more imagination. I’m thankful that you’re in the world, making things classier.

  4. i completely agree with you when you say that they have used all the best scenes of the movie in the trailer itself

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