XMEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST (2014) movie review


XMENX1 & 2 Director, Bryan Singer redeems the time in his new origins film: Future Past.  String theories aside, this virtual Delorean skims through time like a stone over lake waters rushing back to meet favorites Fassbender, McAvoy, & Lawrence, once again 70’s clad and dejected.  Merging screen time with the greats: Stewart & McKellen proved seamless. Hugh Jackman, post Pilates and pre-adamanium, reveals all then mediates the mediums while hoping the future-clueless superhuman mutant leaders won’t shoot the messenger.X_Men_Days_of_Future_Past_40379




x-men-days-of-future-past-02Not one character played scene stealer romancing the camera for a few seconds of personal glory, at least no more than deserved. It felt unified, cause-driven.

x_men__days_of_future_past_by_mnemosyne_mapple-d7bixboPerhaps Singer wasn’t the only player seeking redemption since X-Future Past screenwriter Simon Kinberg also wrote X3 (2006), a film which made me stand in the theater and  beg for the 2 hours of my life back. All past is forgiven. We look to the future.

Back to moral basics, this premise pleads the value of all life. It reinforces a “live together die alone” higher concept. It seeks the return of all prodigals. …all while meeting my Dad’s requirements for kicking, explosions,  robot-foes, and sic-fi joy.x-men-days-of-future-past-six-featurettes1



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  1. Hi, I come from China. But now I am studying abroad in Japan. I like film a lot, expressly X-man. Next week I will go to watch it with my friend in cinema. Had you seen it already? How?

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