MILLION DOLLAR ARM (2014) movie review

MillionDollarArm_thumbLGJon Hamm’s Scrooge heart learns to value family over money as he stresses his way over to India and back in this made-by-Disney, family friendly sports film.

52410bf41ee1b020e8fb6b308c9d245212ce5bd7 The hero basically adopts three quirky, sweet, moral, courageous visitors from India who seek better lives through the promise of pro baseball.
Despite odd pacing, the film remained sweet. Rent it. Watch it as a fam. Hamm’s furrowed brow creased ever deeper for most of the movie then cured overnight with a little curry and good company. That felt rushed. So did the physical relationship with well cast Lake Bell, who proved a strong counterbalance to Hamm. girl It’s a true story turned simple film with no surprises but sweetness in the blending of cultures.Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel of the Pittsburgh Pirates


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  2. I loved the Movie Paul Sybert and I loved Lake Bell. You did an excellent job. You are beautiful.

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