EDGE OF TOMORROW (2014) movie review

edge_of_tomorrow_2014_movie-wideGroundhog Day gets an action makeover with Tom Cruise. It’s about time a sci-fi alien-fighting action film got its epic day in eternity. This film is pure action, but paced well. It’s never Cruise ad nauseam.Edge of Tomorrow Mimics



5390241d28548Emily Blunt, no longer the frail secretary from Devil Wears Prada (2006), has turned in her stilettos for a pair of army boots and a hard to maneuver 100 lb metal weapons suit. The suit is much smaller than those circa Avatar (2009) and Matrix 3 (2003), but a little more throwback to Sigourney Weaver’s in Aliens (1986).


emily-blunt-edge-of-tomorrow.pngTom gives his character the necessary arc beginning as the cowardly recruiter with no field experience and ending as…well as Tom Cruise. Audiences will love the mirror throwback moments ala Top Gun, Cocktail, Jerry Maguire. Less shake it crazy on Oprah’s couch, more show-me-the-money.edge-of-tomorrow-tom-cruise3




Very violent, but not a ton of blood. Though summer has just begun, I will dare to call Edge of Tomorrow the best action film of the summer.



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  1. Nice review and images. Keep hearing brilliant things about this one but still haven’t had chance to see it yet.

  2. This is probably the first film Cruise has been in for a long time that actually appeals to me. I’ll be checking it out soon. Thanks for sharing!

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