JURASSIC WORLD (2015) movie review

Spielberg gives Tomorrowland a frightening facelift in this latest installment in the Jurassic universe.JW-8 John Hammond’s flea circus-turned dino theme park dream becomes a reality. Universal Studios tram ride through King Kong’s city scape, Disneyland’s jungle safari cruise, and Sea World’s main attractions combined cannot compare to a day on the original island now paradise once more.DLC00012-720x405DLC00020-720x405 DLC00011-720x405But hubris married with technology begets genetically amalgamated super saurus. Only the gritty ex-military turned raptor trainer, Chris Pratt, can calm the cage free and the control freaks. JW-7And, Bryce Dallas Howard proves for womankind that she can run a marathon in heals.bjwax76bjjl4i19u72dy

Some blood, but more jump scares. Some great lines, but more memorable characters. Tons of product placement and even more marketable park merchandise. Sure, every character is a caricature, but this film is meant for pure entertainment. It is meant to be a family action film.

Newby director and writers prove once again that Spielberg is not attempting to keep the legacy of big production film in Amblin’s name only. Art is meant for everyone, to be shared. No corner on the market. Just go and make your movie, and maybe someday a nice guy like Spielberg will pay for the promotion and you too will have the biggest box office weekend like Colin Trevorrow did.

Have fun. Don’t get scared now.JW-2


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  1. Spot on! It captured the fun and fear of the first. And Chris Pratt captured some smoulder!

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