BURNT (2016) movie review

burnt3 5614ec7f2b0d6 Burnt1 90 burnt eb415c38f045f98f2f2bda507378ad88acbf9fa5So many courses on the menu.

Bradley Cooper must fight his demons of addiction while giving us a cinematic backstage tour of London for foodies and future chefs. He shucks his millionth Oyster, calling it penance.

He begins afresh by building an army, choosing allies for their skills with kitchen blades. He has made enemies in the past, but some of these he must recruit in order to be the best.

Plotting the course, like choosing fresh ingredients, he very quickly reestablishes his persona as famous chef and attempts to open his own restaurant despite insurmountable seeming odds.

He has failed and he has fallen. His final lesson to learn is that failing and falling all alone leaves you friendless, faithless, homeless. We all need family so when we fall again we have someone to help us survive it.

No one but Bradley Cooper can make eating a meal at a Burger King look as enticing as fine dining.

The actors for this film were trained by a professional chef who wouldn’t work with them unless they did it all. So they did it, plating, tasting, scorching, simmering, serving. All.

Once you turn this film on, despite the intense foul language, something about it grabs you. You have to see it through, if only to believe in Bradley as much as Emma Thompson’s lovely character does.

You will squirm and fear that Bradley’s character will destroy himself and burn everyone else in the process, but you have to finish it and see. No turning back.

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