BROOKLYN (2015) movie review

MTM0MTYyMzA4OTYzMjc2MDUwLet’s call Brooklyn an immigration story in paced profundity. One Irish girl on a quest for confidence and identity takes the voyage across the sea and offers a walking tour of the old city where kindness greets her on every corner.brooklyn-3Oscar nominated Saoirse Ronan plays staunch, teary Eilis on her way to America. From glum to gadabout, she must choose to define home for herself.  Both she and this film remain almost static: a pleasant and pensive thoughtful saunter to and from Ireland .MTM0MDkzNTM1MjYyNTc5MTY2All of the brave souls who cross seas and continents to start afresh meet with root-shaking challenges and must choose which road truly leads home.


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  1. February 23, 2016 — 10:35 am

    I heard it was a really good movie

  2. I loved Brooklyn, It was such a beautifully told love story. Would appreciate if you could check out my review:

  3. stephanhaderer March 2, 2016 — 8:21 am

    I watched movie – nice images but the ending was somehow abrupt!

  4. even though the story wasn’t too “exciting” I still loved the performances and direction!

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