BATMAN V SUPERMAN: Dawn of Justice (2016) movie review

batman-v-superman-dawn-of-justicejpg-3a4a5d1280wjpg-a24cc9_1280w maxresdefault maxresdefault-1 batman-v-superman-08Every monument, every idol eventually crumbles. The white knight v dark knight both tumble from pedestals of glory to writhe in puddles of shame and rise again to fame in yet another comic feature film.

Zack Snyder will give every film canvas his graphic glimmering oil painted 300 kiss. Viewers should expect this. Therefore, giant Doomsday miracle magic ooze and lengthy cinematic visions and previsions of glowy-eyed bat monsters and super villains duking it out should be expected.BVS-3fotonoticia_20160113124443_1280What I didn’t expect was increased respect for the writing, for Amy Adam’s lame Lois to play well in this her sophomore attempt, for Ben to work as the older angrier Bat, for Wonder Woman’s boots, lasso, & wrist bands to get their proper dues or for Eisenberg’s crazy-cruel quick wit and face-twitch to succeed. But they did. They all did. batman-vs-superman-will-give-fans-a-new-robin-a-new-lex-luthor-lex-luthor-is-building-429413h=300132864batman-v-superman-trinityDon’t believe everything you read. Go see it for yourself. Just know what to expect, and maybe you too will be surprised to find yourself enjoying another hero flick that humanizes the super and normalizes the surreal making us all feel a little closer to cape-clutching hero status.Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justicebatman-v-superman

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  1. I really enjoyed it 🙂 I found the that the critics picked on the best parts of the film.

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