LION (2017) movie review

_93656775_d71534f8-df48-41d3-8aca-e3d2e8b77bd5Lion will break your heart. The trail of tears carved along the Indian countryside past too many train platforms to count takes little Saroo too far away from his mama to ever find his way back home.17-lion-oscars-campaign-w710-h473It’s Fievel’s American Tale journey all over again, but this story is true and doesn’t have the peppy tunes to promise a road back home.maxresdefaultThe perfectly cast visual carnival begins in a valley of butterflies, winds into the heart of busy Calcutta streets and flies over oceans all the way to Australia. Our tiny, steadfast hero becomes a man and has to deal with demons from his past, has to reconcile being a little boy lost, and must find his way home with a little help from Google Earth.saroo-brierly-by-dev-patel-in-lion-1000If all stories are meant to teach us survival skills, meant to show us alternative ways to live, to give us hope, this film certainly does all of this. Saroo, the lion-hearted will show us all how to live if we take the time to let him tell his tale.lion-dev-patel-rooney-mara-2

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