LOGAN (2017) movie review

logan-trailer2-first-look-1024x538I trust James Mangold with stories. I loved his remake of the western 3:10 to Yuma, and now he brings the X-Men franchise and specifically Wolverine’s story to a colossal finale allowing a curtain call for the Mercutio of the mutant clan. 514f36bdc61a23c0_logan-dom-df-13002_rgbWolverine, the classic loner with adamantium claws and a zeal for personal justice becomes Logan, a limo driver for hire in 2029 who also cares for the aging and unwell Professor X.logan-movie-review-3

logan2Charles Xavier is not finished finding and training young mutants, however, and the two must venture back out into the world to rescue a small girl with striking similarities to our hero, Logan.logan-header-pic

Mangold wrote the screenplay then directed the film. Taking this film through Gladiator rounds, he begins lopping heads and slicing limbs to appease the masses of film-goers. It easily earns the R-rating with both language and violence in the first five minutes, setting the stage for a gritty and brutal film. logan_donald_trump_immigrantsSomehow, however, this film flows like a western, the sheriff admonishing the ruthless with cruel justice. Somehow Logan becomes a Christ-figure. mv5bywyyntg5yzutyjlkzc00zwmxltgxnmqtogjkogqymwu3nzlixkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynjyxmte1otm-_v1_-e1477592440464And, somehow this film overwhelms with significance as it builds relational depth between characters and as it proclaims the truths that brutality is not without consequence and a life lived selfishly is lived without purpose.cuaiczwueaaid_w-jpg-large

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  1. So looking forward to see this movie – looks really fab!

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