THE FATE of the FURIOUS (2017) movie review

F8 delivers everything it promises full throttle. It’s a vibrant, violent, comedic rampage through curious destinations with Vin Diesel at the wheel. His character, Dominic Toretto’s motto has always been “family first,” his repeated line: “It’s all about family, bro.”This eighth installment, sans Paul Walker, adds rookie cop, beauty Scott Eastwood and reunites the classic bro squad with The Rock and Jason Statham. Of course they step into a crowd and the sheer force of one arm sends armed soldiers flying and flailing. Statham flings himself off of stories-high railings landing perfectly and spinning into action. Fighting hoards at a time, these two don’t quit despite the new “daddy” theme. The team is aging, settling down somewhat, and it takes a truly evil antagonist to bring them back into the game.Charlize Theron plays a cold, soft-spoken terrorist. She adds such professionalism and acting swagger, she’s almost out of place. The film’s tone sways serious and cruel as fatalistic Furiosa brings her A-game to double A ball. These films classically don’t take themselves as seriously as most. They hire more stunt people on a shoot than a Costco employs.As classic Fast & Furious franchise films go, the eighth is no exception, despite the tone shift. They take on a tesla army in New York, they race the Cuban mile, and they outrun a nuclear sub.It’s become my birthday tradition to see a Fast & Furious film in the theater, and I hope they never stop. You ride, I ride, bro.

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