GIFTED (2017) movie review

Chris Evans plays stand-in father to a child genius mathematician in this gift of a film. Strikingly smart banter dots the canvas as the expected plot becomes a landscape of hope full of both sweet and heart-wrenching moments.The questions within this film seek to drown out fears founded by insecurities. What is family? How do we best care for one another? How do we help foster and nourish peoples’ gifts without exploiting or discouraging them?It seems the stage-mother phenomenon is not limited to entertainers and little pageant queens as Gifted shows the pitfalls of seeking personal prestige and fame over integrity and selfless love. It challenges families to deal with conflict through lovingly honest communication.Leaving a legacy looks unique for each person. Some people offer their gifts to the world in such a way as to gain the world’s approval, applause, and praise. The higher road can be lonelier, but leaving a legacy of selfless love is of greater worth than fame. Caring for people may be less glamorous, but it is by far more rewarding.

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  1. Great film to watch. I loved the chemistry between Chris Evans and Mckenna Grace. Something to watch out. The direction is great and the story very much moving…

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