GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 (2017) movie review

Pratt’s back with the whole gang in this second Gunn Guardians film. It works as a laugh-a-minute, family ties, lesson-learned, sci-fi comedy that picks up right where the first left off.The quirky Quill backstory, as re-told by Kurt Russell’s appropriately named character Ego, becomes the centralized plotline as themes such as friendship, integrity, surrogate family systems, and revenge come into play.Despite the incalculable death toll, it feels more like video game “lives” lost and tallied than body count. A colony of golden beings only emphasized this notion and added over-the-top scenarios and comedic tone to an already laughable script.The soundtrack feels more mellow without Hooked on a Feeling but equally iconic and era-driven.The band together, add Stallone and baby Groot, can really take on the task of guarding this golden, disparate, conflict-laden galaxy with a little help from their friends. Thanks to the 80’s, they’ll never run out of tunes, and the Marvel universe can live on making sequels forever.

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  1. Good review, glad you liked the film. We gave it 4/5 stars here at CineSocial!

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