THE BIG SICK (2017) movie review

Kumail Nanjiani as “Kumail” in THE BIG SICK. Photo by Nicole Rivelli.

It’s not the classic boy meets girl. It’s not your everyday romcom.  It’s a complex, unique story about two people trying to fit together then trying to fit into each other’s family dynamics. It’s messy and wonderful, just like real life.Moments made me supremely sad, but I also fell in love with every character individually. Each one in his or her own flawed and quirky ways became oddly likable. Ray Romano and Holly Hunter’s performances were raw and flawless. I’ve never loved them more. They play the parents of Zoe Kazan, the heroine of this little film that has won big audiences.

We follow Kumail Nanjiani’s true life story as he navigates Pakistani-American life, dreams of performing stand-up, and falls for the “wrong” girl. When she ends up in the hospital, he is left alone to make life-saving decisions and make good with her southern family, all while appeasing his own family bent on arranging his marriage.It’s a bit of a Big Fat Greek Wedding as cultural differences increase the tensions but add such humor and beauty.

Take the R rating seriously. The language is rough. The concept is tragic at times. The relationship, carnal. But get beyond that, and this film is honest, human, clumsy, comedic, and absolutely lovely.

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