Back again…

Remember the jingle from those Saturday morning specials in the 80’s…
“after these messages, we’ll be RIGHT BACK!”

So… I took a bit of a break from reviewing films so I could start writing some. I need to put my money where my mouth is… start subjecting myself to the same gauntlet that I was seemingly putting other screenwriters and filmmakers through. It was time. Did I stop watching films? No way! I think I saw more than ever. And I couldn’t help but review them a bit… a few got a reviews in haiku, a few a simply rated, and others got a full write up.
If you have requests, I’m open to reviewing what you are curious about.

I’ll try to bring you some quick film reviews in the next few weeks. Perhaps these will help you navigate streaming while you wait out at home protecting those you know and do not know.



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